Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Evaluating Christina Aguilera

Lowest note: C3(forced A2)
Highest belt:  G#5
Highest note: C#7
Exclamation: D7
Vocal range: 4 octaves 1 semitone
Vocal grade: B

Vocal positives:
Her low notes are smooth and velvety down to a C3(See I got Trouble) and is reached with relative ease. Her mid-range is weighty and sturdy(F3-G5). Her notes are sung with a more open throat with allows them t be powerful and resonant. Her head voice is bright and piercing.

Vocal negatives:
Her voice has gone flat and cracked at D5 before, and criticisms have targeted at her technique because her belted notes at Eb5 sounds forced and coarse. Her whistle notes(C6-C#7) are rarely whistles, but are mostly just falsetto reached with unhealthy technique. She is not comfortable holding notes as high as E5 live. Her low notes at C3-E3 occasionally loses its clarity