Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Kesha

Lowest note:  C#3
Highest belt:  G5
Highest note: E6
Exclamation: B6
Vocal range: 3 octaves 1 note 1 semitone
Vocal grade: D

Vocal positives:
A voice that can be sweet and gentle that can be changed into a voice full of attitude and vigour. Her phrasing is top-notch, she can portray songs in a comical manner or in a serious one. Her belting range is her strongest part of the range(C5-G5), where it gains resonances as it ascends higher up.

Vocal negatives:
She uses auto-tune too much that it has come to a point where it has drawn a lot of criticism and also her notes above Eb5 is usually quite muffled and unclear and not everyone's cup of tea. She is unable to reach notes lower than D3 live, which basically means she has trouble reaching her C#3..

                                                         Vocal range: C#3 to E6(B6)

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