Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Michael Jackson

Lowest note: F#2(forced F2)
Highest belt:  Bb5
Highest note: C#6
Exclamation:  F#6
Vocal range: 3 octaves 4 notes
Vocal grade: A*

Vocal positives:
Armed with a wild chest register that tops at Bb5, he has a startling ability to utilise his rich head voice to allow his belts to maintain its startling resonance. His mid-register(Eb4-F#5) appeals to a lot of people because that is where his strongest belts lie. His voice is able to transcend through genres which include Pop, Rock, Ballads and Jazz. Impressive breath control in live settings has allowed him to hold notes as high as G5 live without showing fatigue. He has also shown an ability to sing arpeggios and even do a vocal fry of F1, although it does not count as part of his range.

Vocal negatives:
He has a childish timbre instead of a timbre that an adult singer should rightfully have. 

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