Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Lady Gaga

Lowest note: Bb2(forced F#2)
Highest belt:  F#5
Highest note: B5
Exclamation: D6
Vocal range: 3 octaves 1 semitone
Vocal grade: B

Vocal positives:
Lady Gaga has good stamina live - she can dance while singing at the same time, often showcasing the ability to hit notes like C5 consecutively without showing signs of fatigue. Her low notes are dark and extremely weighty, and scales down healthily to a Bb2. Her strongest range is her midrange(F#3-E5). She has showcased her ability to mould her singing words to 'talking'(See Born this Way)

Vocal negatives:
Her voice loses clarity after notes like C#5 and she has the tendency to go off-key while doing rigorous dancing.

                                              Vocal range of lady gaga

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