Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Beyonce

Lowest note: F#2
Highest belt:  G#5
Highest note: F6
Exclamation: D7
Vocal range: 3 octaves 6 notes 1 semitone
Vocal grade: A*

Vocal positives:
Beyonce can sing and manipulate her voice to suit different genres of music and dances while singing and seldom falters in her voice pitch because of her breath control techniques. She is a good staccato possesses a great head voice. Her low notes are well supported and placed.

Vocal Negatives:
Her upper notes from F5 to G#5 can be considered shouting and shrill if used without vibrato and the voice loses clarity at times. Her voice becomes coarser when singing notes from F5 onwards. Her tone can be perceived as boring.

                                                         View her vocal range here:


  1. Lowest note: F#2 (LIVE)/ F2 (STUDIO)
    Highest best: A5 (LIVE)/ G#5 [A5!] (STUDIO)
    Highest note: F6 (LIVE)/ E6 (STUDIO)
    Others exclamations: F#6, G#6, A6, B6, C7.