Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Bridget Mendler

Lowest note: D3
Highest belt:  F5
Highest note: D6
Exclamation: N/A
Vocal range: 3 octaves
Vocal grade: A

Vocal Positives:
Bridgit possesses an airy voice and an unforced vibrato, allowing her to reach low notes like Eb3 pretty effortlessly. Her voice has been compared to Carly Rae Jepsen and Demi Lovato. Her belts from C5-F5 are relatively accessible live.

Vocal Negatives:
Her high notes from E5 and above are thin. Bridgit has little stamina in live settings, which is surprising for an apparently trained singer. Therefore, she runs out of breath easily and this causes her voice to be shaky live. This also causes her to have difficulty in holding notes for an extended period of time. Notes below Eb3 are normally perceived as forced.

                                              Vocal range of Bridget Mendler is D3 to D6

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