Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Zendaya Coleman

Lowest note: D3
Highest belt:  E5
Highest note: F#5
Exclamation: G5
Vocal range: 2 octaves 2 notes
Vocal grade: B

Vocal positives:
Starring as a dancer on Shake It Up, she has the ability to dance and sing at the same time without becoming too breathless. Her strongest range is probably from G3-Eb5.

Vocal negatives:
She goes off-key at some points in her songs because she dances vigorously and this might mislead people to thinking that she lip-syncs when she is in tune for the entire song. Her voice is breathy when she sings with acoustics and she struggles at notes D5 and above. Her voice is generally whiny as it goes up the fifth octave.

              This is her current vocal range, I would confirm again when her second album is released

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