Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Britney Spears

Lowest note: G2
Highest belt:  F#5
Highest note: Eb6
Exclamation: NA
Vocal range: 3 octaves 5 notes
Vocal grade: D

Vocal positives:
Her voice is recognisable and she has an interesting ability to manipulate her voice to different genres of music but at the same time maintain her instantly recognisable voice. Her strongest range is from G3-C5, where her midrange lies.

Vocal Negatives:
Britney Spears has a very nasal voice and her voice quality gets thinner as she goes higher, starting from C#5. She heavily relies on lip syncing and autotune owing to the fact that smoking has damaged her voice aggravated a bit by aging as well. Her notes below G3 are no longer as well-supported as before.

                                          Britney Spears vocal range: G2 to Eb6

1 comment:

  1. Her Eb6 in Mona Lisa is whistle register and there is another Eb6 (head voice) in a demo in the of the song "I'll Be There" in another vocal range video.