Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Taylor Swift

Lowest note: E3(forced C3)
Highest belt:  D5
Highest note: E5
Exclamation: F#5
Vocal range: 2 octaves
Vocal grade: D

Vocal Positives:
Taylor has a tendency to utilise her strongest range (F3-A4) in her songs a lot. Her voice can go from being gentle to being harsh very quickly. Her voice can also cut through steely instrumentation without difficulty.

Vocal Negatives:
Her voice is whiny as it goes from Bb4 to E5. It contains no power at all in the fifth octave and she has the tendency to go off-key often in live settings. Although improving vastly since her first beginnings as a singer, she has been found to struggle at belts like C#5 live.

                                   Her vocal range( belting range only) - does not include exclamation

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  1. Don't think she has the voice to match her popularity, must be some other factor making her so popular...