Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Demi Lovato

Lowest note: C3
Highest belt: A5(screamed Bb5 before)
Highest note: E6
Exclamation: E7
Vocal range: 3 octaves 2 notes
Grade: A*

Vocal positives:
Demi lovato is a soprano who has a great rasp and a surprisingly well supported low range(C#3-E3) with a smokey texture to them. Her belts are where she truly shines - where she is able to truly emote her words, for example, she utilised a G5 belt in Skyscraper. Her voice is very reminiscent of Hayley Williams and Kelly Clarkson. She could do the whistle register(Eb6) unintentionally once in a keek video, thus proving that she has the ability to try out whistle tones. Her midrange (G3-F#5) is her strongest range, where her belts have the most power and resonance to them.

Vocal Negatives:
Demi Lovato's belts above E5 can be perceived as shouting and her belts can be a hit or miss live, even though she is getting better at controlling her belts F5 and above, it still sounds shrill and forced. Her low notes are hard for her to do live and she is barely audible from notes below E3.

                                                  Current studio range (belting range) 

Demi Lovato - Head/Falsetto/Exclamation - from Eb5 to E7

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