Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Ariana Grande

Lowest note: Eb3(forced C#3)
Highest belt:  B5
Highest note: E7
Exclamation: N/A
Vocal range: 4 octaves 1 semitone

Vocal Positives:
Ariana Grande has a relatively powerful voice and has the ability to go to notes as high as Bb5 in live settings with little difficulty, Armed with a 4 octaves 1 semitone vocal range, this girl has proven herself to be able to utilise the whistle registers live for notes C6 and above. Her low notes(Eb3 to G3) are gentle and sweet.

Vocal negatives:
Her whistle register is very unreliable - she has admitted to struggling with it. Whistle tones above E6 are rarely used in live settings as she often replaces it with a powerful falsetto. She has received flack for possessing a high larynx and extreme nasality in her songs. Due to the fact that she sings through her nose, diction is compromised and therefore her lyrics are incomprehensible at points. She is barely audible from notes F#3 and below.

                                          This is Ariana Grande's vocal range(forced range included)

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