Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Mariah Carey

Lowest note: F2
Highest belt: A5
Highest note: G#7
Exclamation: C8
Vocal range: 5 octaves 1 note 1 semitone
Vocal grade: A*

Vocal positives:
She can go a high belt to an airy whisper within the space of a word. She can do incredibly high notes such as G7 without a lot of difficulty and also does not go off-key very often/ She has been termed the queen of melismas and is considered a brilliant singer due to her low and dark lower register. She makes use of her elastic belts to convey her emotions in the song and the timbre is very strong. Her whistle register is very easy to use live and  she can even choose the volume of her whistle register. She has a very good stamina live as she can sing a whistle register without getting tired

Vocal negatives:
Low notes below C3 are used by dropping the larynx and she is aging and hence may not be comfortable with the whistle register.

                                                Mariah Carey natural range: C3 to D7

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