Thursday, 12 June 2014

Evaluating Shakira

Lowest note: D3
Highest belt:  E5
Highest note: C6
Exclamation: F#6
Vocal range: 2 octaves 6 notes
Vocal type: Coloratura contralto
Vocal grade: A

Vocal positives:
She has a unique timbre in her voice that allows her to 'yodel' while singing. Her range is the strongest from A3-D5, where her mid-range lies. Her timbre sounds youthful even when she is over thirty years old. Her head voice is bright and piercing as it ascends up the fifth octave, although often, it is not used. Her vibrato is quick but controlled. Her low notes are weighty, full and well-supported, allowing her to reach notes like D3 easily, giving them a smokey texture to them.

Vocal negatives:
Her larynx is forced down when she tries to hit the low notes. Her intonation in her voice when singing makes her lyrics incomprehensible.

View her vocal range here:

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