Thursday, 12 June 2014

Top 5 best songs by Nicki Minaj

In honour of Nicki Minaj's newest single 'Pills N Potions', I have decided to compile 5 of her BEST songs she has ever recorded in her career.

No. 05: Automatic
Laced with autotune, Nicki never fails to give our ears some pleasure with this song. It is like a club anthem, with catchy lyrics and groovy beats, although she does not show her rapping roots, the low notes at D3 were pleasant to the ear, and this should have been made into a music video.

No. 04: Pound the Alarm
Although this single received commercial success, peaking within the Top 20 of the Hot 100, I feel that this song should deserve much more credit that it did. Here, she does a little more singing than in her lead single of her second studio album, Starships. This song, when you first hear it, may not be to your taste, but as you continuously listen to it, the club-on-jams really get to you and make you want to sing along

No 03: Beautiful Sinner
I think this song may very well be one of the highlights of the album, as the energy never diminishes in the song and it solidifies her place in the rapping industry, and reminds us again that she is just another quirky diva we all love.

No 02: Starships
One would instantly remember the quirky verses and the coloured wigs when another person mentions this song. And this is what Nicki Minaj wanted her Barbz to remember her by this image before she underwent a major makeover for her third album 'The Pink Print'. This is pure pop perfection, and gives people the chance to shake their booties as well as give them the feel-good vibe people desperately need when depressed. The D3s in the song was also well-supported.

No 01: Pills N Potions
I was about to put Super Bass at number one, then Pills N Potions came out and totally changed everything. Nicki Minaj singing a powerful ballad captured my attention, and instantly, I fell in love with the song and music video! I love her new image. Keep it up gurl! You'll go far!

I wish her all the best in her rapping career!

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