Monday, 9 June 2014

Top 5 best songs of 2013/2014

Well here I am compiling what I think are the best songs of 2013 and 2014. So here goes:

No. 05: Drunk In Love by Beyonce

Love the eeire sounds at the start of the song. Beyonce kicks in with great and seductive vocals, albeit with the help of some autotune, still manages to pull off the song with a bit of help from Jay-Z, who, with Beyonce, ends of the song with a great finish, and can easily be classified as one of her best songs in her entire career.

No. 04: Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo ft 2 Chainz

Although the collaboration for the song was not necessary, I still feel that 2 Chainz had a part in getting the song to become so popular with his vulgar raps. Anyways, infectious beat. Catchy choruses. Slightly autotuned vocals. Recipes for a great song.

No. 03: Problem by Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea

I must say, Problem is Ariana's most well-charting song to date, and her most infectious track to date as well. Trying to shake off critics' panning of her songs being to Mariah-esque, she has produced this song she nearly did not record, and oh my! It could easily be the song of the summer! With saxophone beats possibly inspired from Talk Dirty, Ariana's F#5 and G#5 belts, combined with Iggy Azalea's catchy rap couldn't have made this song any better. Well done!

No. 02: Pills N Potions by Nicki Minaj

Apparently this is a ballad. Ballad and Nicki Minaj should come together more often. Pills N Potions, although it is a sleeper hit as of now( it has not charted in the Top 40 of Hot 100 yet), I'm sure it will grow on people and her song would skyrocket the charts just like her previous songs used to. Although her vocals leave much to be desired, it still marks a giant improvement from Super Bass and Starships - the track is more personal and apparently, according to her, it encompasses all her life lessons. Keep it up Nicki!

No. 01: Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft Charlie XCX

Right now, as I type this into the computer, I am wondering why all the 5 best songs of 2013/2014 have rappers inside them, be it as a featured artist or the lead vocals. Anyways, shan't bother about that now, as I shall continue to fangirl over this Australian rapper who has successfully made her mark in the Billboard Hot 100, with two singles charting simultaneously at Number 1 and Number 2(Problem) respectively. This song has a weird beat to it and gives people the urge to learn the verses quickly so they can sing along. Charlie XCX gives this song a chorus, and I feel it is the chorus that gave her song more popularity then the actually lead artist. But it is my opinion. I just love this song. Have a listen:

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