Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Evaluating Selena Gomez

Lowest note: A2(imitating Johnny Cash)
Highest belt:  E5
Highest note: F#5
Highest note: B5
Selena Gomez vocal range:  2 octaves 4  notes 1 semitone
Grade: D

Vocal positives:
Selena has a dark timbre that allows her to sing low notes(D3-F3) without much difficulty. Her mid-range(G3-C5) is her strongest range as this is when her belts are more solid.

Vocal negatives:
Her stamina is sub-par live and she heavily relies on auto-tune to spice up her singing. In live settings, she struggles at notes such as Eb5 live while doing little body movement. Her chest voice gets weaker very quickly as it ascends to the fifth octave. Her F#5 was never heard live, so it can be suspected to be an exclamation instead of a sung note. Overall, she has a weak and whiny voice.

                                This is her vocal range now. She is currently still developing on it


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